Do I Really Have To Change My Air Filter Often?

Regular HVAC maintenance is important in ensuring efficient operation and prolonging the unit’s life. Proper maintenance could also keep the house within a reasonable temperature change. It could also help in saving money, especially in the long-term. Changing the Air Filter The air filter keeps debris and pollutants out of the equipment, thus ensuring efficient […]

Heat Pump Freezing Up? What Do You Do?

Heat pump freeze up is a problem that can occur at any time, regardless of the outdoor temperature. With a little bit of knowledge about how your heat pump works, you will know exactly what to do the next time yours freezes up. Your heat pump keeps your home warm by using refrigerant to absorb […]

All You Need To Know About Replacing HVAC Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

It can be difficult to decide when to go forward with a total HVAC system replacement. Replacing the system can be a costly process; however, it may actually save you money in the future. When your existing system becomes inefficient, it can cause more expensive utility bills each month. If the need for repairs becomes […]

What Is Thermal Comfort?

If you feel comfortable sited in a room without worrying about the surrounding temperature, you are most likely experiencing what is known as thermal comfort. This is a situation which happens when the body is in state of comfort. When engineers are designing HVAC systems, they consider thermal comfort as a primary goal to satisfy […]