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Tips For Winterizing Your Water Heater

If you live in an area that is prone to cold winters and you want to enjoy a winter holiday away from home, you should take steps to make sure that your water heater does not freeze over while you are gone. The process of Winterizing Your Water Heater is an easy one, but only if you follow the instructions carefully.

To start this process, you must cut off the power supply to your water heater. If is works with electricity, you should simply unplug it. If it works with gas, you should use a crescent wrench to turn the valve clockwise unto the pilot light goes off. You must then locate the control box, situated at the bottom right hand corner of the tank and switch it off. You should then turn off the incoming water line for the house. You will probably find this outside the house or in the basement. Once you find it turn the wheel shaped valved clockwise until it is closed. The next step is vital and in involves draining the tank of all the water. You can open the tank by turning the handle in a clockwise direction until the water starts draining out. You can either attach a hose and direct it to an area outside the house for the water to drain or you can drain the tank one bucket at a time. You may open the drain by turning the handle in an anti-clockwise direction and the air vent can be opened by turning the handle all the way into an upright position. Expect to wait at least half an hour for the tank to drain. Open all the sink faucets in the house and let the remaining water drain out.

The last step to winterizing your water heater should be done at your discretion. Some choose to do it, while others don’t think it is necessary. This step involved using insulation, duct tape and a blanket to keep your water tank from freezing. All pipes connected to the tank must be insulated and bound by duct tape and the blanket should be wrapped around the tank to keep the cold out. Follow us for more interesting tips in how to keep your water heater tank from freezing.

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Top HVAC Technologies For The Coming Year

HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) is an important part of our lives. Every home and business must have a proper functioning HVAC system to run smoothly, and the technology of these systems has developed greatly over time. For the most recent trends, here are some expected developments coming in HVAC technology in 2016.

Firstly, it is expected that HVAC technology will get smarter as it develops. This includes such things as smart thermostat technology and smart equipment integration that allows contractors to automate their sales and service, giving them more time and financial benefits. As customer demand for smarter equipment grows, so too will the way in which HVAC contractors use this technology to manage their business.

Secondly, HVAC businesses will become more connected, and rely on multifaceted software to streamline and manage their business.
Recent trends show that it’s becoming more and more important for HVAC businesses to utilize mobile solutions when servicing customers, and the savvy businesses who master this skill will be the ones that get ahead.

Recent trends also show that construction will continue its recovery throughout 2016, which will lead to more growth and demand for new HVAC system installations for both residential and commercial customers.

In addition, HVAC maintenance and services will become even more efficient through mobile solutions and technology. As HVAC units become more and more complex, it will be very important to establish regular maintenance programs to prevent problems from developing. Like getting regular check-ups from your dentist, HVAC professionals will become more centered on this preventative care to ensure that the more complex systems that are being installed continue to function properly. This will also lead to increased training for HVAC professionals to ensure that they understand how to properly service the new technology. Research is also finding that technology such as mobile apps will drive successful service programs in 2016.

As you can see, there are many exciting changes coming for the HVAC industry in 2016. To stay up to date on the latest information, follow us for more articles on how to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and ways to save money.

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Reasons To Replace Your Attic Insulation

Fall is a good time to consider performing home improvement projects. The weather is ideal for working and contractors are often less busy at this time. One of the projects you should consider if you have an older home is upgrading your attic insulation. Insulation in new or custom construction is usually of high quality, but as insulation ages it wears out and could mean a significant increase in electricity bills. Here are some signs that your home may require replacement of attic insulation.


High Utility Bills

A spike in utility bills often means that your air conditioning and heating system is turning on frequently. Replacing the insulation will regulate temperature and result in energy savings.


Inconsistent Room Temperature

Poor insulation results in inconsistent temperature. Walking into a room that has temperature clearly different from others in the home is a sure sign of inadequate insulation.


Crumbling Insulation

Lower quality, old insulation begins to fall apart after many years. Put on gloves and feel the insulation. If it starts crumbling, replace it with newer, better insulation, possibly even a green option, that will last longer.


Presence of Pests

Insects, mice and other pests like to keep warm and cozy just like you do so they make their homes in insulation. Basements and attics are favorite hiding places. If your home suddenly experiences a pest infestation, make sure you check the insulation. If you see signs of insects or critters, it’s time to replace it to avoid future problems.


Water Damage

Heavy rains or flooding can cause water to seep through the roof or walls into insulation. If that insulation doesn’t dry properly afterward, mold can start to form. Areas that experience high humidity or that have frequent flooding are prone to such problems. If you area has such problems, check the quality of your insulation just to be safe and replace it if it shows signs of damage.

Home insulation costs vary by city, type of insulation and the amount of square footage needed. Replace your insulation before weather becomes too extreme to preserve your home’s comfort. Follow this website for more articles that will keep your HVAC system running efficiently.

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How Does The Office Temperature Effect Your Productivity

When it comes to finding solutions to a decrease in employee productivity, the office temperature is most often overlooked as a possible cause. Lately, studies suggest that the office temperature has a big impact on worker productivity. Research further suggests that changing or adjusting the dial just a few degrees can have an impact on your staff’s productivity. Studies have been debated, but the study carried out by the Cornell University concluded that the ideal office temperature for increased employee productivity is 77 degrees F. This study was later replaced by the British organization that oversees this research and it shows that 70% of workers are content with an office temperature of 74 degrees F.

It must also be noted that many factors play a role in the office temperature. So it is not as simple as setting the dial on the commercial HVAC and expecting everyone to be comfortable and productive. One of the factors to be considered is the humidity levels inside the office. Humidity can affect the way in which your body perceives the temperature. In extreme humidity you don’t feel the air on your skin and the world feels heavy. It also brings on lethargy ans fatigue which is bound to diminish any productivity from employees. Research shows that a relative humidity level of 40% must be maintained to achieve comfort all year round, bearing in mind that humidity levels are higher in summer than it is in winter. The natural climate in that city should also be considered when setting the office temperature as should the seasons of the year. In summer people tend to wear thinner and cooler clothing so setting the dial at a higher temperature should be welcomed. In winter the reverse should be applied as people are already warmly dressed for the cold season.

There are other aspects that should be taken into consideration when working with people such as their weight and age. People who have a higher body mass index tend to feel warmer and those who are older are more susceptible to the cold. Follow us more advice on keeping your HVAC system running smoothly.