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My Air Conditioner Is Frozen! What Happened?

  A frozen air conditioner is a cause for concern. You want the unit to cool a room but not freeze up as this would hinder the A/C from doing its job properly. If it happens, then you have to get to the bottom of things. Learn what has happened so that you’ll know how […]

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Surge Protectors And HVAC: What You Need To Know

  The term power surge can cause many people to break out in a sweat and dollar signs to flash before their eyes. When most homeowners think of surge protection, the think of their computers, cell phones, and flat screen televisions. While all of these devices are important to protect from a power surge, technology […]

Air Conditioning Lewisville, Texas

Does Insulation Really Help Keep Your Home Cool?

  Many homeowners often fail to realize that home insulation is a useful tool for wintertime cold as well as summertime heat. Most people think of insulation as something that keeps them warm; however, it actually does much more. As a thermal barrier, it slows down or stops the movement of heat through conduction and […]

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Combat Air Pollution With HVAC Technology

Improvements in the last several years in HVAC technology have led to increasingly better indoor environments that benefit everyone who lives or works in a building. Indoor air quality is particularly important for large commercial buildings such as corporate offices, stores, hospitals, etc that must have high quality indoor air for the many people that […]