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Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties present unique challenges on HVAC systems. The size and function of certain businesses place a great deal of stress on HVAC systems and their individual components. Between odd operating hours, specific zoning requirements, and other specialized needs, preventative maintenance for commercial properties is a must for business owners.

Whether you’re creating a comfortable environment for your customers or employees, quality heating and air when you need it isn’t an option. An untimely shutdown in the middle of a scorching Texas summer can turn your retail store or apartment complex into a massive sauna.

With a preventative maintenance plan, you can ensure that your system is receiving the upkeep it needs to keep you and your customers happy and safe. 

What Your Business Gets from Routine Maintenance

We have your back!

Regular maintenance accounts for all of your system’s components. This means that minor and major signs of wear and tear are addressed. Once your system is back in shape and thoroughly cleaned, it’s able to function at its optimum capacity.

Even small things like dust can build up to create blockages to your system’s performance. Having a well-maintained system allows it to operate smoothly, which will keep your energy bills down.

System Efficiency

This is Dallas. Triple-digit weather is not only a guarantee, but it’s practically an entire season. This means that if your AC system goes down anytime between May and November, it needs immediate repair. For this reason, we provide our Lewisville community with 24/7 emergency A/C repair services.

You don’t have to track us down or beg us to come out and service your system either. We operate with efficiency because we know what we’re doing, we respect our customer’s time and we understand how important a quality air conditioner can be. Call us today at (469) 240-5456, we’ll get you all squared away.

Improving System Longevity

Having an efficient system does more than just save you money on your monthly utility bill. A system that has to work twice as hard to achieve the same temperature as a more efficient system is put through twice as much strain. Some systems are so blocked up that they run constantly (cycling) in order to attempt to cool or heat a given space.

This is a major, and often overlooked, investment for your business. It’s tough enough to turn a profit in the competitive Dallas market, don’t let a major HVAC repair or replacement surprise you. Protect your investment with preventative maintenance.

Peace of Mind

A great HVAC system is one that you never have to think about. The only way this peace of mind can be achieved and sustained is to have your system regularly maintained by a trained HVAC specialist. All of our technicians at Advent are NATE certified and required to take 80 hours of paid training per year, to ensure that they are ALWAYS on top of industry best practices. Not only are you getting the peace of mind that your expensive HVAC system is functioning properly, but that your technician will give you quick and effective servicing.

To keep your business running smoothly, give Advent Air Conditioning a call at (469) 240-5456 to discuss the preventative HVAC maintenance plan that fits your business needs.