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We strive every year to provide the best HVAC services in the Dallas area. For over 30 years, Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. has been the top-rated heating and cooling company in Lewisville and the Dallas-Fort Worth surrounding area. But we can’t be satisfied until our customers are 100% satisfied. That’s why we do what it takes to provide exceptional customer service and value to each and every customer. 

But don’t just take our word for it! The Dallas air conditioning repair reviews and testimonials from our valued customers below demonstrate how our team has continued to earn that honor again and again. Take a look at what our customers have to say about what it’s like to work with Advent Air Lewisville.

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A valued customer called into the Texas Home Improvement Show with Jim Dutton to thank him for referring Advent Air!

Crystal GrahamCrystal Graham

I am the office manager at Women's Premier OB/GYN. We had you come out to look at one of our A/C units. The technician that came out didn't explain exactly what was wrong with the unit. He just stated that it was the blower motor. He then stated that we would get an estimate with the charges. I paid him a fee of $89.00 for coming out to our business. I got the estimate a couple days later. It showed that I needed a blower motor, assembly, mount and control board. The technician did not mention that the control board needed to be replaced. The estimate cost was $2,313.99. I felt this was high. I decided to get a second option. So glad that I did. They came out and looked at the A/C unit. He showed and explained to me in details what needed to be replaced. It was the blower motor and bracket. He stated that the control panel was fine and didn't need to be replaced. Nothing was wrong with my control panel. I felt that this was wrong to try to get me to pay for something that I did not need. I am sure the technician knew I did not need a new control panel. I paid $570.00 to get this fixed with the other company. I will never recommend this company!

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Mat ForsbergMat Forsberg

Everyone at Advent Air Conditioning has been wonderful to work with. I have a great new system that keeps my house cool. Not the cheapest solution up front, but definitely the best quality. The peace of mind is priceless.

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Charlene JonesCharlene Jones

Ben was an amazing technician. He identified an issue with the a/c and was able to put it in layman's terms so I could understand. He even took a photo so that I could see it. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable and took time out to go over my system thoroughly. He is top notch and probably the best technician that I have had with Advent. I highly recommend him and wish he would be permanently assigned to my account.

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Pat XPat X

Ben was great to work with. Very professional and very informative. He called 30 minutes before arriving and arrived when he said. He explained all the issues clearly and professionally. He took great care to make sure both of us were safe during his visit. I look forward to working with Ben in the future.

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Melissa HackettMelissa Hackett

Excellent service for more than 25 years. I'm getting ready to move into a new home and am thrilled that I get to take Advent with me! My favorite technician is Horatio. He's as patient explaining what he's doing as he is knowledgeable about his craft and his company.

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Andy S.Andy S.

Advent has been an excellent company to work with. We have had them out here both for a routine check of our AC unit and also to fix some broken ducts under... Read More

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